F-ONE Plane SK8 HM Carbon


Get in your flow, feel every turn and be ready to shred like never before with the SK8. Designed for surfing, this foil doesn’t just turn. It carves. Bringing control, maneuverability and pure glide, the SK8 lets you draw dreamy lines and takes your surf to the next level.

Aspect Ratio: 8.0
– Its outline makes it easy to turn and push hard during fast and controlled carves
–  The subtle balance of the lobe between maneuverability and glide allows to surf freely while maintaining efficient pumping
– The wingtips’ design is made to hit the foam and breach the wingtip without turbulence or cavitation.
– Its unique speed makes it a perfect foil for surfing from offshore swells to the shorebreak with a wing.
– Our monobloc construction guarantees rigidity, durability, and extraordinary glide.

Available in 550cm² / 650 cm² / 750 cm² / 850 cm² / 950 cm² / 1050 cm²

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The SK8 has been designed to surf.
Its overall shape provides a fine balance between glide and maneuverability, which allows the user to tear a wave apart and then pump back to the peak effortlessly.

It doesn’t just turn. It carves.
Maneuverability is nothing without power, speed and control. Lay into turns with ease and speed, push through the carve and see how the SK8 holds a steady line and delivers even more speed.

It is meant to stay in the pocket.
With specific wingtips design, the SK8 is able to hit white water without too many turbulences, allowing surf-style turns and breaching pretty much any part of the foil.

Carve, pump, fly.
Take the SK8 for a wing ride, and you’ll feel a fast, easy-to-go-upwind foil that you can surf all the way from the offshore swell until the impact zone.

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550, 650, 750, 850, 950, 1050



Seit 1994 arbeitet die Wassersport-Marke F-ONE mit Sitz in Montpellier mit Leidenschaft an nur einem Ziel, das perfekte Equipment zu entwickeln. Technisch fortgeschritten, einfach im Handling, praktisch und leistungsstark und optisch ansprechend müssen die Kites, Wings, SUPs, Foils und Boards von F-ONE sein.

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