Prolimit Boardbag Wingfoil Session


8 mm foam padded bag
Removable Wheeled Base XL (optional, not included)
Full wrapped arounf zipper for easy access
Stackerbag Style for easy packing
Ventilation Airvent
2 compartments for storing your board, foil and Wings
Inside pocket for tools and spareparts
Shoulder strap
Durable non-corrosive zippers
Padded Foil Organizer
Business card holder
Carry and grabhandles
360° Straps

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Heavy duty padded travel bag to travel around with your Wingsurf gear. Features a handy padded foil organizer to accomodate your foil parts. Easy travel due to the removable wheeled base 9available as a sparepart).

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175x75x28, 200x85x28