Der Unterschied zur SENSOR 3 PRO:

– TECTANIUM VARIO LITE LINES: Thinner, lighter, and more aerodynamic.
– Leinenlänge (16+4+2) plus 3 Meter Extensions

Sensor 3 Pro Foil delivery:
22m Tectanium Vario Lite lines (16+4+2m), 3m line extensions, standard loop/stick set, 45cm/41.5cm carbon fiber bar, Short Safety Leash, barbag & manual.

Experience the highly specialized Sensor 3 Pro Foil bar. A carbon fiber and titanium bar for dedicated foilers. The narrower Sensor 3 Pro Foil (45cm/41.5cm) features super-thin lines to improve steering and materially reduce air resistance. Heck, even water starts in light wind conditions are easier. The bar comes standard with 22-meter Tectanium Vario Lite lines (16+4+2m) that have a breaking load in excess of 300 kilograms. We also include additional 3m line extensions so you can ride 25m lines.

Foilers will appreciate the cleaned up bar ends that are more ergonomic and useable. The softer bar ends now flip open to reveal hidden line winders and simple width adjusters. The biggest change, though, is the all-new easy-in QR. We designed a quick release that’s incredibly easy to reconnect with one hand. Check out all the new features on CORE’s website or try the Sensor 3 Pro Wake and let us know what you think.

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