F-ONE Platinum 3 Bindings, Handle


We have developed a pad which is able to fit all types of feet whilst ensuring the best connection with your board. The pad offers the most amazing feel while riding, and absorb the impacts. The straps lock your feet to the pad in the ideal position.

To obtain the highest quality pads, we have chosen an injected process that permits various forms and densities. We created a dual-density pad for an optimized comfort: the edge areas are denser for a better support while the foot bed areas are softer for more comfort. We are using a unique process that allows generating all possible forms while picking the best EVA foam density.

Because a pad is those two essential things: a form and a foam. The F-ONE strap is fully adjustable to the size and shape of the foot. This year we have improved the quality of the strap, which are now filled with gel foam for a fantastic comfort. Its neoprene coating is combined with a base in injected plastic.

Ref. 77203-8001

Weight: 1,25 kg


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Seit 1994 arbeitet die Wassersport-Marke F-ONE mit Sitz in Montpellier mit Leidenschaft an nur einem Ziel, das perfekte Equipment zu entwickeln. Technisch fortgeschritten, einfach im Handling, praktisch und leistungsstark und optisch ansprechend müssen die Kites, Wings, SUPs, Foils und Boards von F-ONE sein.

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